In The Forum I

Proklos: Welcome my dear Sympnoia, fellow explorer in the realms of sound

Sympnoia: Thank you kind Proklos for allowing me entry into this symposium of sound and the ideas relating to such. Let the explorations and discoveries begin.

Pro: Your enthusiasm gives great energy to our journey and as you say, we are here in essence to begin this journey. I gather you wish to go through the various categories and fundamental elements of sonic construction and organization?

Sym: Precisely.

Pro: Let us begin with the construct of 10 pitches, randomly chosen for a violist, thus:

Sym: now again a new random array of the same pitches:

Pro: And yet again a new random array of the same pitches:

Sym: Each one of these gives rise to many ideas and concepts, I would wish to hear this method in praxis.

Pro: And so you shall…here are the beginnings of such a construction for piano and violin…note the pitches…and to the method of pitch selection and randomization have been added a method also chance-determined for dynamics and timbral variation, thus:

Pro: And here are the 2 parts upon which have been applied these methods…

Sym: And the sound??

Pro: …thus…